Björkvrilskåsa from the mountain birches of Fännesloken, Lofsdalen . The piece of wood was cut from a birch next to our family's cabine. The branch had snaped some years before, presumably in a heavy storm, yet redemed itself. The 'wound' was healed and sealed by scar tissue, creating a round volume with fibres going in a circular motion. In swedish it's called vril. 'Vrilar' are high quality hard wood and traditionally used for bowls and cups. Every piece is unique and you to succed one must have patients and follow the fibres in such a way that the material will inform the shape of the product. 
I'm raised with a saying that you havn't taken your backcountry liscens untill you've made your own 'kåsa'. 
Carved by hand - dried out with mashed swedish potatoes - oiled in raps oil - tested in pressed black coffe

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