A world where the object adapts plurally to its subjects, NOT THE CONTRARY

Peoples innovative capability is what should be celebrated when talking about architecture. When analysing architecture, it becomes clear that architecture is far to permanent, to static. It is time architecture responded to its user and its context. Time. Le Corbusier answered this by creating a system wherein the user could inhabit freely, as did Mies. But fighting the ever-changing fluidity of our reality with static and illusionary permanent solutions is an exhausting attempt of reassurance. The fluid, ‘immer’ altering, transformative and temporary state can never be successfully combined with statics and permanents. This will only restrict its quality.

Let us now, cut the shackles of the people and grant them the opportunity to live and be empowered by their environment. Let us give people a true experience of democratic freedom. Let us give people the possibility to adapt their reality and create whatever world their needs requests. Let us not push the individual into a world of subjective acclimatization, but into a world of objective adaptation for the benefit of enhanced, utilized lifeexperiences. A world where the object adapts to its subjects, plurally, not the contrary.

“To cosmopolitans: Harmony and integration are foreign subjects… skilled at living in time, at
home with change” 
- Richard Sennet

1) Let us display criticality towards all previous architecture. Architectural greatness lies in its
capability to sustain the livelihood of its user. Let us design an architecture that alters and
adapts to its user completely. A fully fluid infrastructure, down to the singular unit.

2) Let us introduce a new system of measurement - Cost over time. Most efficient and the least
volatile wins. For it is here people will sustain. Let us consider all the costs, not only the
economical, but also the social and ecological, but also understand that volatility is the biggest
threat to the users most important aspects in life, security and social network.

3) Let us surround the question of how to distance architecture from defined design as well as its
author and instead focus on how to give the design-choices to the people, directly. Architecture, should empower the people, the public, with an autonomous control of its reality, a realization of hyper-individualism. An objective system considering every individual need and composing them for the collective good.

“The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living”
- Karl Marx

…as it does to all cosmopolitans. This manifesto suggests the realization of a constant never-ending, highly momentary sequence of events, hyper-celebrating the individual by gifting it with a common and concluding itself through its extensive lifespan, its survival - its’ story.


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