Even CLT wants to be something
But what does it want to be? 

MANIFESTO: The First Time You Chose Minimalism
It has become necessary to share with me this manifesto, as a sort of perspective on current events in our society. Addressing you as human for your wonderful progress while addressing you as designer, architect, planner and developer of this morning with a message of urgency.
Through history a pattern has emerged! A pattern of volatility, forming a behavior that has been ignorantly pendulating between vulgar extravagance and sensible subtleness. It’s a behavior that I find quite visible in both art and architecture. Wealthy, highlighting the essence of the word ‘well-being’, periods and dynasties produced products at great costs of resource. Periods and societies, forged in more struggling times, show products of greater resourcefulness, towards the minimal.
“Ornament is crime”
Vulgar, careless art in times of high consumption appears when we can afford it, while we praise critics that oppose that kind of lifestyle with a minimized approach when we can’t.
Today, we find the pendulum at the minimal pole once again, but it is doing so from the most surprising global positions of all. Resource awareness is being demanded by those who, yet, have all the resources at their disposal. People are making a choice of minimizing even without any negative economic influence. I will argue that this is the first time in our history that the rich are consuming less! And in length demanding it from their products.
For architects, designers, planners and developers this calls for products that embody the full potential of materials chosen. For architects specifically; mastering materials in construction, space and expression over the ultimate defining factor, TIME.
1. Less is More
2. Nurture your Resources
3. Local Love
4. Adaptability
5. And. (The embodiment of the diverse, vibrating, urban, cosmopolitan)
6. Time


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